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  • Category: Accessories - Batteries
  • Brand: TRUGLO

  • TG988A For models TG55 and TG56 (3 per pack) (1.5V-LR41).
  • TG988B For ”Hunter’s Lite“ model TG982 (2 per pack) (3V-CR2016).
  • TG988C For all TRUGLO® Red • Dot Sights and Illuminated Scopes (2 per pack) (3V-CR2032).
  • TG988D For push-button light (3 per pack) (1.5V-SR60).
  • TG988E For all TRUGLO® Micro•Tac Tactical Micro-Lasers (12 per pack) (1.5V-AG4).
  • TG988F For all TRUGLO® Tru•Point® Laser/Light (2 per pack) (Litium 3V-CR123A.
  • TG988G For TRUGLO® Tru•Light® Pro model TG57 (2 per pack) (Litium 3V-CR927.)