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  • Category: Archery - Rests
  • Brand: TRUGLO

Combining the advantages of a brush–style rest with our polymer launcher design, STORM™ is minimalist approach to reliable arrow support.

  • Capture–style arrow rest
  • Adjustable brushes hold arrow at almost any angle
  • Dual–coil launcher is adjustable / replaceable
  • Reduced arrow contact increases speed and accuracy
  • Fast and quiet arrow release
  • Easy tuning adjustments
  • Technical rubber insert for silent arrow loading – no more felt!
  • Ultra–tough all–weather design
  • reat for target shooting, 3D, and hunting
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Universal design for left and right–handed shooters
  • Choose from 5 color matching inserts to customize your arrow rest (red shown on rest)



Simple and quick conversion for left- handed shooters.