With the introduction of the fiber-optic archery pin nearly 30 years ago, TRUGLO has long been an innovator in the industry. We know a good archery sight is critical to hitting your mark and the selection can be very dependent on your hunting style. We offer a variety of sight products to ensure you find the perfect fit.

The arrow rest is one of the unsung heroes of modern archery equipment. We offer several popular designs from the simple capture-style EZ•REST™ and STORM™ to drop-away rests like the CARBON XS and DOWN•DRAFT™.

The arrows aren't always flying, so don't forget to pick up a TRUGLO quiver with quiet rubber grippers and a rubber hood liner that won't dull braodheads. Our TRU•TOUCH™ technical coating dampens noise and provides a soft feel.

If you're looking for increased balance and vibration dampening check out our CARBON XS and TRU•TEC™ Carbon Pro stabilizers with adjustable weight systems. If your primary goal is noise and vibration reduction, check out the DEADENATOR™. Afterall, can you be too quiet on a hunt?

While traditionalist prefer to use fingers or a leather tab, most bowhunters in the woods are using some sort of release aid for an accurate and ethical shot. We offer several styles of wrist straps but the BOA™ models are our top pick for all-day comfort and accuracy.

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    Compact design fits in all bow casesRubber molded dampening fins increase surface area to reduce noise and vibrationEngineered for performance hunting bowsTRU•TOUCH™ soft-feel technical coating

    $18.99 - $24.99
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