Feb 19th 2021

TRUGLO, Inc. announces a special, limited-time rebate on the current line of Titanium X™ fixed and mechanical broadheads, including crossbow models. From July 1 through October 31, 2020, bowhunters can receive a $5 rebate on each pack of Titanium X™ broadheads purchased (Up to four valid redemptions per person/address). This special offer comes just in time for bowhunters to save money on their pre-season tune-up and broadhead practice sessions.

Titanium X™ broadheads are designed from thread-to-tip for durability and maximum penetration in all big-game species. The all-titanium one-piece ferrules are CNC-machined to ensure precise tolerances and structural rigidity. The TRU•CUT™ titanium tips cut on impact, allowing the fixed or mechanical blades to create devastating wound channels. Titanium X heads are spin tested and sharpness tested. All blades are precision-sharpened and made from thick 0.031-inch stainless-steel for easy pass-through shots, even through bone.

Several styles of Titanium X™ broadheads are offered to match specific needs and shooter preferences, including:

For Compound Bows:

  • Fixed 3-blade (TG3203AV)
  • Fixed 4-blade (TG3204AV)
  • Mechanical rear-deploying 2-blade (TG3201AV)
  • Mechanical rear-deploying 4-blade (TG3202AV)
  • BackFlip mechanical 2-blade (TG3205AV)
  • BackFlip mechanical 3-blade (TG3206AV)

For Crossbows:

  • Fixed 4-blade (TG3204AX)
  • Mechanical rear-deploying 4-blade, tested to 400 FPS (TG3204AX)

All broadheads come with three heads per pack and include a set of replacement blades and an installation safety wrench.

For more information on this rebate program, including downloading the rebate form, or tracking the progress of submissions, visit For more information about Titanium X™ broadheads or other premium archery accessories from TRUGLO, including fiber-optic bow sights, quivers, releases, arrow rests, stabilizers, and more, visit

About Titanium X™

Titanium X™ is a premium line of precision broadheads by TRUGLO, Inc. Each is built with a machined grade-5 titanium ferrule and scalpel-sharp stainless steel blades. This combination results in extreme durability and devastating effectiveness. Available in a wide selection of fixed and mechanical-blade styles for crossbow and vertical bows. Watch Titanium X in action on the following television shows: The One, Final Draw, Ultimate Outdoor Adventures, Beyond Rubicon, and Red Rising.