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Archery FAQ's

Q: Will your archery sights fit my bow?
A: All of our archery sights are designed to fit any standard bow.

Q: Do you make archery sights for left-handed shooters?
A: Yes. All of our sights can be used by left-handed shooters.

Q: Will the T.F.O. pin fit my sight?
A: It depends. The T.F.O. pin will fit many (but not all) sights that use a standard 3/16” pin base.

Q: Is a T.F.O. pin brighter than a regular fiber optic pin?
A: Both pins should be bright under normal light conditions (including dusk and dawn). However, the T.F.O. pin can be seen in total darkness.

Q: Can I shoot the Pendulum Sight on level ground?
A: Yes. The pendulum can be locked in place to keep it from swinging.