In the TRUGLO staff we have IDPA and USPSA competitors, gadget guys who tinker with everything, travelers who carry daily, and moms and dads who believe in home defense. We’re passionate about our pistols, and we suspect that you are too. It is great to live in a time with so many great handgun designs, however, there is always room to improve, which we've done with our upgrades below.

The number one perfomance upgrade we recommend is for shooters to push out those factory iron sights and put in something bright that you can see much better. In fact, it may be what we are most known for—after all, our motto is “TRUGLO – When Brightness Counts.” We offer a variety of technologies to overcome the challange of seeing your sights.

The concept of putting an optic on a pistol used to be edgy and avant garde. Now it is accepted as a pretty common practice. We have a few optics that can be be mounted on a handgun with a picatinny rail.

We’re a Texas company. Inherently, that means we like our rifles and slinging lead a long way. Whether you are into tactical semi-auto rifles, classic bolt-action designs, or rimfire guns for plinking and squirrel hunting, we have some great options.

If you're shopping for a scope, we have nice upgrades for hunting rifles, tactical carbines and even long-range ballistics applications.

For medium and close-range shooting, it is hard to beat the speed and comfort of a red dot sight. For AR applications check out our TRU•TEC™ or IGNiTE series.

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  • Alt text example TRU•BRITE™ 30 Series TRU•BRITE™ 30 Series TRU•BRITE™ 30 Series TRU•BRITE™ 30 Series

    TRU•BRITE™ 30 Series

    Illuminated rifle scope with mount   Scope includes reversible, offset, monolithic 30mm scope mount CNC-machined from aircraft grade aluminum Scope includes two pre-calibrated BDC turrets in calibers .223 (55 grain) and .308 (168...

    $163.99 - $239.99
  • Alt text example OMNIA™ Series OMNIA™ Series OMNIA™ Series OMNIA™ Series

    OMNIA™ Series

    Created with modern sporting rifles in mind, OMNIA™ precision rifle scopes are designed with features and performance tailored to the modern rifleman. The 1-4x, 1-6x, and NEW 1-8x magnification ranges pair perfectly with a powerful illuminated reticle...

    $248.99 - $414.99
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