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  • Category: Firearms - Choke Tubes
  • Brand: TRUGLO

Which model fits my gun?

  • Multi-phase groove technology engages the shot cup and guides the pellets into a tight and consistent pattern, shot after shot
  • Extend your effective range with lethal patterns that reach out farther
  • Rated for HEVI•SHOT®, Winchester®, Long Beard XR™, Federal Premium® 3rd Degree™ and other high-performance turkey loads
  • Heat-treated steel for increased strength and durability with powerful turkey loads
  • CNC–machined for optimum precision
  • Polished end face for better seating and sealing, providing maximum power without pressure loss


We averaged our best 20 shots using Winchester® Long Beard XR™ ammunition (#6 shot, 3" shell, 1,200 FPS) with four different shotguns (from three different manufacturers). The average pellet count within a  10-inch circle at 40 yards was 305 (standard deviation was 50 pellets) The pattern below is simulated to show what 305 pellets might look like in a 10-inch circle at 40 yards. Circle and pellet size is scaled for illustration purposes. Many variables affect the actual performance and patterning.