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  • Category:  Optics - Tactical Scopes
  • Brand: TRUGLO


OMNIA — definition: "All things, wholly, entirely."

Created with modern sporting rifles in mind, OMNIA precision riflescopes are designed with features and performance tailored to the modern rifleman. The 1-4x and 1-6x magnification ranges pair perfectly with a powerful illuminated reticle that offers the best of both worlds for near-field CQB shooting and long distance precision—fulfilling the entire range of tactical carbines. In the OMINA lineup, powerful accessories come standard, including a quick-zoom lever and the purpose-built APTUS M-1 tactical 30mm one-piece mount.

  • Multi-coated lenses for enhanced clarity and contrast
  • 30mm tube for increased turret adjustment range and increased brightness
  • Locking target turrets prevent accidental adjustment
  • 1/2-MOA target turrets and MOA based reticle for simplified adjustments, tracking, and holdover
  • Included APTUS-M1 mount for a strong hold and ideal mounting position on modern sporting rifles
  • Illuminated All Purpose Tactical Reticle (A.P.T.R.) for precision measurement without a crowded sight picture
  • Hardcoat anodized matte finish
  • Nitrogen gas-filled, fog-proof construction
  • Water-resistant and shock-resistant
  • Illuminated glass-etched reticle
  • Leaf-spring turret control for positive and responsive click adjustments
  • Generous eye relief
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
TG8514TLR1-4x24mmIlluminated A.P.T.R.30mmLocking target turret1/2 MOA
TG8516TLR1-6x24mmIlluminated A.P.T.R.30mmLocking target turret1/2 MOA

All Purpose Tactical Reticle (A.P.T.R.)

Calibrated to the popular 55gr .223 (XM193) round with a 50/200 zero and drop points out to 600 yards.  Simply zero the rifle at 50 yards, then easily take it out to distance without needing to dial the turrets.  To make initial zeroing, as well as precision shooting more intuitive, the reticle is designed in minutes-of-angle to easily correspond with the MOA target turrets, as well as targets measured in inches and distances measured in yards. 

BDC Reticle calibration is based on 55gr .223 (XM193) at maximum magnification (4x or 6x depending on model) from a 16” AR-15 carbine. 

At closer ranges, the illuminated peep design can function similarly to a reflex sight—fast to pick up and easy to align at 1x. Quickly zoom to 6x for longer shots—the peep now provides a 12-MOA (about 1ft @ 100 yards, 2ft @ 200, etc.) guide for estimating size and range of targets. The three spurs on the peep easily align to a silhouette or man-sized target at 100 yards, while the interior crosshairs match the same target at 500 yards.  

  The Illuminated All Purpose Tactical Reticle is available in Strelok Pro


NOTE: The first printing of the OMNIA user manual depicted an extra stadia line in the All Purpose Tactical Reticle illustration. (Horizontal 4-MOA line at the 300 yard holdover) This mark is not present in the actual reticle. This does not effect accuracy, or calibration of your scope. The bottom of the illuminated center crosshair is to be used for 300 yards. and the top of the non-illuminated ladder can be used for 350yds. (Based on the XM193, 55gr. 3150fps calibration) Download the Updated OMNIA User manual